GlobalMed Facility Suite

Launch Telemedicine In Your Facility...And On Your Site

We make it seemless for you to launch telemedicine in your facility. We offer a real white label solution for your facility. Your logo, your colors, your domain name, most important... your facility. Your patients can go to and start booking telemedicine appointments within your facility.

Add & Manage Users

There is a myth that doctors are the only ones that can conduct Telemedicine services. This thought process sometimes make facilities feel that they don’t have the time or capacity to add telemedicine to their business. This is why we added the ability to add and set permissions on assistants, nurses, administrators, and billers to spread the roles of telemedicine within your facility.

Manage All Visit Types

GlobalMed is not just a telemedicine or telehealth platform, you can configure and manage traditional office visits and in-home visits. You can also setup services such as refill prescriptions and follow-ups with custom pricing.

Set Your Own Pricing

Set your own pricing for video, phone, office visits, and even in-home consults. We let you control your business models and pricing.

Invite Patients

Invite your established patients to your telemedicine portal and promote awareness.

Charts & EMR

Utilize the built in EMR and patient charts to treat patients.


Our turnkey e-Prescribing platform includes all Surescripts and EPCS certification requirements and an industry leading medication database.

Eligibility & Billing

Automated tools for patient eligibility, Superbills, and claims processing and management. A question asked frequently is “Can I bill or submit a claim for a telemedicine consultation”. The answer is yes. Many states have introduced telemedicine parity legislation, including bills permitting coverage for private insurance, Medicaid, Medicare, and state employee health plans.

After Hours

There’s much to be said about using telemedicine for after hours care. Not only does it allow facilities to extend office hours without extra overhead, but it brings additional revenue to a facility. It can also allow your facility to effectively triage after hour patient calls, and schedule them for next day appointments rather than referring them to an urgent care or the emergency room.

Setup Departments

Setup departments and roles within your facility.

Acquire New Patients

Adding telemedicine to your facility is a way to answer that demand and attract new patients who are looking for that convenience. Patients will appreciate the fact you offer accessible care, and may even be willing to pay more for the service. Even learn how to make your practice public on and acquire even more patients in our network.

Patient Retention

Practices and facilities are constantly loosing patients in today’s on-demand world. How many times do patients get frustrated with an illness or a condition where they can’t see their doctor for a week or even 2? Stop losing patients. Why not treat, ultimately save the patient, and also provided an experience that the patient will value and probably refer to others.

Follow Up Appointments

How many patients after feeling better actually go to follow ups? We make it very easy to schedule a follow up appointment with your patients. We also make it very easy to empower assistants, administrators, and other employees of a practice to conduct follow up appointments with your patients.

Patient Satisfaction

Patients love using Telemedicine. It’s convenient, easy, and saves them a lot of time. Satisfactions scores are generally reported to be around 75-90%, and Telemedicine no-show rates for institutions were documented to be as low as 7-10% one year. It also creates flexibility for the demanding schedules that we all face.

Expand Your Horizons

Telemedicine also provides an opportunity for expansion of a facility. A facility cannot treat and manage patients that were not once able to travel to a facility, or even treat a patient in another state….or country.

Offer Alternatives

While you certainly cannot prevent all no-shows, giving your patients a convenient way to get care eliminates a lot of the variables that can lead missed appointments – traffic on the way to the office or not being able to get away from demanding schedules. When you offer patients an alternative way to see you, your no-shows are now manageable, and retention increases.

Same Day Appointments

When you have a way to offer virtual visits, same-day appointments are easier to accommodate. Just queue up the patient on your on-demand list, then notify them when a time-slot opens up between appointments. The patient can simply go online and see you in minutes, instead of waiting around in your office all day, or heading off to the nearest urgent care center.

Remote Monitoring

We have integrated dozens of remote monitoring devices for patients to utilize such as weight scales, glucose meters, blood pressure devices, and COPD devices and many more to remotely monitor from the GlobalMed platform.

Full Training & Support

We offer full training and support, and even 30 and 60 onboarding packages to make sure your telemedicine implementation is successful.